Q: Can you tell us a little about when Marfan.co started?

A: Yes, of course. Marfan.co was started in the summer of 2014, but the people behind Marfan.co have been bringing education and awareness, regarding Marfan Syndrome and other related Connective Tissue Disorders for nearly five years previous to the launching of this site.

Q: Who are the people behind Marfan.co? I mean, who runs it?

A: That is an interesting question. The people behind Marfan.co are people like you and I. We care very passionately about helping people, and informing the world about Marfan Syndrome and other related disorders. We are no one, and we are everyone. Even you can become one of us, and join our cause. Its very easy. Simply contribute some of your time, or learn more and share that knowledge with others.

Q: Where is Marfan.co located?

A: Now this is a difficult question. You see, Marfan.co doesn’t have a fixed location. We don’t have any central building or office environment from which we routinely work. Rather, Marfan.co is found throughout the entire world. We work from homes, apartments, coffee shops, hospitals and other comfortable places.

Q: I would think that is difficult not having a permanent place to work from? I mean, why not have a central place to operate from daily? You must have a reason for doing this, might you tell us?

A: Yes, we do have valid reasons for not having a central location from which we operate. Primarily, the reason has to do with two important issues. Let us explain. The first issue is cost. It costs an enormous amount of money to rent or buy property. We would much rather use our resources to help people, than wasting them on accommodations. Second, our team of dedicated volunteers and supports are found throughout the entire world. It would not be suitable to have a central location from which to work, rather being scattered throughout the world benefits us all.

Q: I see that your website is named Marfan.co, so I was wondering why your site contributes so much time to other disorders as well?

A: Marfan.co was primarily started to bring education and awareness, regarding Marfan Syndrome. However, we understand that other Connective Tissue Disorders exist as well. We believe it is equally important to focus on these related disorders also, as many of the signs and symptoms are shared between disorders. It shouldn’t matter which Connective Tissue Disorder you have, indeed we all have value and we are all important. In the end, we are all fighting much the same battle, despite differences in classification or name.

Q How can we get in touch with you?

A: Now that is simple. Just visit our About Us page and click on our Contact Us tab.

Q: I was wondering how I can donate to your cause?

A: As of right now you unfortunately can’t donate to Marfan.co, but soon you will be able. We will announce how and a new Donations page will appear on our site when everything is up and running properly.

Q: Might you tell me how the donations Marfan.co receives are used?

A: Absolutely. All donations will be used to bring the world information, education, awareness and to build and maintain our global community. Unfortunately, these things cost a lot of money, and its just not feasible long term to continue to do these things without your support.

More Questions and Answers Coming Soon!

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