Research is extremely important, regarding Marfan syndrome. It has the ability to advance treatment and improve the quality and care of life for those affected by the disorder.

Research, regarding Marfan syndrome is being conducted, and it is attempting to discover the factors related to the disorder.

Research now, and in the past has worked to understand and study such factors as:

  • factors that cause heart and blood vessel issues
  • the process that leads to skeletal issues
  • the role of a chemical messenger called transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β)
  • genes linked with Marfan syndrome
  • defects in the fibrillin gene, particularly fibrillin-1
  • families living with Marfan syndrome
  • how Marfan syndrome affects connective tissue
  • why people with Marfan syndrome have different symptoms and expressions
  • new treatments, medicine, studies and surgeries to help people with Marfan syndrome

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