– Join Us is rapidly expanding throughout the world, but we still need your support. Such things are no small task, and require an enormous amount of work. And is run entirely voluntarily by a core development team, and a decentralized network spread throughout much of the world. is also entirely different than every other Marfan organization that exists. We don’t want your money, rather we want a bit of your time. We want you to learn more about Marfan Syndrome and related disorders, and we want you to share that knowledge with others.

We aren’t asking for a lot, we assure you we will never be the norm. We will always stay true to our word. All of you affected are why we do what it is that we do. We are also working to show other communities that it is possible to do things differently, and thereby reach more people. strives for excellence, and we will never forget about all of you affected by these disorders.

Join us, and help us change the world.

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