– Awareness Never Stops is a multinational decentralized collective working to provide the world with accurate and reliable information, education and awareness about Marfan Syndrome and other related disorders. As a decentralized collective found in many parts of the world and expanding rapidly everyday, we strive constantly to remind ourselves of our roots, and the climate from which we emerged. It is with these things in mind, that we work tirelessly to perform our functions and work to improve the lives of peoples affected directly or indirectly by Marfan Syndrome and related disorders.

We are constantly working to achieve our goals, and are doing so, by way of technology and innovative tools we are working to create and/or modify for use in our work. We are uniquely aware of the needs of the Marfan community and understand our place within such communites. We also understand, that for obvious reasons, we will never become the norm, the tradition that has been in place for over 30 years. We are working instead to be entirely different than those who have come before us, and understand the challenges that lay before us.

Our core development team was formed by peoples throughout the world that saw a need for change, and who were committed to bring that change to the world, in ways never before observed. Therefor, we are something entirely different. Absolutely none of our core development team, or any of our volunteers receive even a single cent. All of us understand, that our mission is more important than that of our own financial rewards. Therefor, none are financially compensated, and as a result our mission remains focused on people, rather than the constant need for raising funds. has always provided its services, freely and always will. No one should ever have to pay to learn about a disorder that may directly or indirectly affect them. We will never charge a membership fee, and we will never put a price on the value of those we help each and everyday. We are committed to helping all, unrestrained.

It has been and will continue to be our constant reminder, that we seek an alternative to the norm that lay behind us. our core development team has many things it is working on, and we haven’t even begun to show what things we will be achieving in the future. This is a special time for Marfan Syndrome information, education and awareness, and we have only just begun.

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