About Us

Marfan.co is a newly born, but continuously expanding online community, which aims to bring together people from all over the world with an interest in Marfan Syndrome and other related disorders. Thus, our mission is to create a network which will facilitate a dialogue that will help find solutions for our common battle and concerns.

Our community is open to anyone who is interested in supporting our cause and learning more about Marfan Syndrome – from those who have connective tissue disorders to those who simply want to be educated.

We will give our best to offer continuous support to those who need it. We will work to provide information, and to relentlessly reach out to the public and bring awareness about Marfan Syndrome and related disorders.

Our credo is that information should be free, and that it shouldn’t belong just to a select number of organizations or individuals. We strongly believe that, only through freely shared knowledge and cooperation with other health communities, will we be able to make a difference not only with respect to our mission, but to other health causes as well.

As we embark on this journey, we are fully aware that there is no small contribution that cannot make a difference. Therefore, we give thanks to all of those who wish to participate, become part of our community, or support us in any way with our cause.

Help us educate and raise awareness, and ultimately, help us save lives.

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