– Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany is a center for the arts, freethinkers, writers, programmers, technologists and others who are looking to make a difference in the world of today, for the sake of the world tomorrow.

Therefor, is excited to announce we are now fully established and are on the ground in this historic, vibrant and welcoming city, full of community and potential.

Our reasons for choosing this city is not without a bit of irony. A city once enthralled in a confined and restricted thought, is now the center for liberation, freedom, arts and people wanting to move the world forward in an exciting and open way. is a decentralized community working to rid ourselves of our restrictions and confinement by previous thoughts originating from those Marfan organizations that have come before us.

Traditional organizations for Marfan Syndrome education, awareness and research have evolved little over the course of time, but now with the emergence of this is all beginning to change.

Thousands of people from around the world and even those within such organizations as mentioned previously have written us, and expressed that they are tired with the status quo. And as a result these have been welcomed by with open arms. is a not a collective full of people awarding ourselves, or presenting accolades to each of our team members, supporters and friends. We have witnessed other Marfan organizations constantly playing musical chairs awarding and giving praise to each other. We are entirely different. isn’t focused on photo opportunities or with presenting ourselves awards, rather we are focused on you. It is because of you, those affected by Marfan Syndrome or a related disorder that we are doing this important work. No other reasons drive us. isn’t about personal recognition, rather we are about the community we serve freely, and we are concerned with all of you. We acknowledge and recognize how very important each of you are to us. doesn’t have personal names or faces. We are all of you. You are all of us. The world, regarding Marfan Syndrome is changing, and we are inviting you to join us at this exciting time. We aren’t selling you a dream, we are working tirelessly to provide all of you with a hope.

Our time in Berlin, Germany will be well spent. Join us, the world doesn’t change by itself, and together let us help all of you affected by Marfan Syndrome or another related connective tissue disorder.

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